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Public Transport

We made a survey using Google spreadsheets.


A lot of people use public transport often because in Prague public transport is good it comes on time its usually not crowded.

But also a lot of people uses car. I think that`s because its faster and less tiring.


Pros and Cons

  •     the less cars, pollution avoided
  •     walk around more, free exercise
  •     you can save money fuel costs lot of money
  •     more people on the bus means less cars on the road, which means
  •     no parking fees
  •     no worry about car insurance
  •     no maintenance costs
  •     if you get on the wrong bus, then you have to spend more money to catch the correct bus
  •     there are no car seats available for young children
  •     riding transportation can be confusing

A call to Action

Public transport should be cleaner so people don't catch diseases in them. Public transport is a good way for people to travel cheaply. People should use public transport like buses so there would be less pollution in the world.

I like public transport. It is very good but sometimes the Trams, Buses and Metros can get very crowded. So, they could have more Trams, Buses and Metros. It is very safe. They should buy more buses which are bigger and have more ticket inspectors so people dont go to public transport without tickets.

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