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Investigating The Impact of Our Actions

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Last year we visited a recycling plant to see how plastic bottles were recycled. We learned a great deal.

Recycling in Prague is taken seriously. You see bins like these near where people live.

Our Survey

We used Google Spreadsheets to make a survey about recycling to find out about people's attitudes to the subject,


We made charts to show our results

Pros and Cons


    Recycling saves energy
    Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.
    Making glass from recycled materials cuts related water pollution by 50%


    it costs money to run the machines and all the processes

A Call to Action

Recycling is very important to our ecosystem. Lots of materials that could be re-used would go to waste if it weren’t for recycling. Less than 9 2-litre plastic soda bottles to make one adult extra large shirt. If things are recycled then new things can be produced. Recycling isn’t hard and everyone should take a little time to make a difference!

Recycling is a very important aspect of saving the planet - we need to reuse as many resources as possible. Making new things that could have been recycled is a major pollution maker - not something that we need. Awareness for recycling needs to be raised.

You have to recycle so the planet doesn't end like in the Wall-e movie. I would my friends tell to recycle more. The government should find a way to recycle more. People should Recycle! It helps the world so why wouldn't you do it!

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