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Public Transport in Prague


In Prague, public transportation is well organized. Also there are many ways to take it.Therefore lots of people use it instead of cars which decreases air pollution.

Many different types of transportation are going around the city to help people get to their destination easily. Which means we have good connections between place to place. On  average, transportation tickets are said to be cheaper than anywhere else in Europe.


First of all, we have buses.  Buses comes frequently and almost always keep to the timetable. There is a wide variety of lengths. Some buses can go straight away to their desitnation without any other stops.


The train even travels between short distances in the city. some of our students take the train to go to school. So there are train which just going around Prague and others which travel far beyond Prague. it’s a fast and well developed service.


There are three different Metro lines which may not seem a lot. but there are so many advantages. Such as it is not too complicated for the tourists and it doesn’t take too long to go somewhere. there are many stations with exits and entry marked for each attraction.


Trams are unique. They travel on rails, in the road! With a tram, you can go around the city on many different routes. Each major tourist attraction has a tram stop. They travel quietly, so they run through the night.


This is really useful. They go across the Vltava river, so it is mostly a very short distance. Otherwise, you might have to travel much further until you get to a bridge.

Funicular Railway: 

It is amazing!! In the famous Petrin Hill park,  the funicular railway goes up and down the steep slope on a special track. People travel on the funicular railway and get great views of Prague in comfort.

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