What If...

Investigating The Impact of Our Actions

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Pros and Cons


  • people will have somewhere to go with family
  • people can enjoy places close to their house.
  • you get healthier


  •  construction will destroy the habitat there and powering all the machines will pollute the air
  •  costs lot of money

A Call to Action

In lots of places we luckily have beautiful parks with fresh air, trees and flowers! From Central Park in the middle of New York City to the giant Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, parks are beautiful place to be! Cities are great places to live, with lots of good places to go, but parks are a nice break from the concrete and rush of the city. We should  keep the parks clean and beautiful by not littering and enjoying the nature without making a mess.

Unfortunately in parks, especially parks in cities, there can be lots of litter on the ground. We must protect nature and not throw our trash on the ground. There are trash cans for a reason. Litter can be dangerous to animals and could be recycled. Littering means things won’t be re-used to make something new. Throw stuff in the trash can and make the earth cleaner! Organize with a group of friends to make a difference in the environment by picking up trash!

Parks are a great place to spend an afternoon with the family - and eco friendly too! Parks are really good, but unless people take care of them, they could turn bad. People need to take care of their parks, by putting trash in the trash, not leaving it on the ground, and by raising awareness for the importance of being eco-friendly.

Parks nowadays are very relaxing and a nice place for friends to hang out. But people are littering and people take there dogs for walks and don't pick the poo up. Not all people do this but there is getting more and more and we have to stop it! I do not agree with littering because people who do don't care about the environment and are just lazy. Plus other people have to clear that up and that is unacceptable. So, simply walk up to a bin and put it in there!

Litter needs to be minimized - and quickly. Our landfills and population are quickly growing - and eventually,  we wont be able to handle it.

The government should plant more trees to help make the air fresh. They shouldn't let people cut down parks and build houses there. The government should make more parks so they can make earth a greener place.

Parks should be always clean otherwise nobody will go to them. I will put my trash in the bins and recycle what I can. I will tell my friends to do the same, and we can tell the government to put more bins and recycling bins in parks to help keep them clean.

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