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Getting the Message Across

We discussed the good and bad points of using the arts - in our case movies, multimedia and computer games - to try to get what we think is an important message across to people around the world:


  • if it looks nice, people will listen
  • if it's creative, it will get people's imaginations going - they will want to make a difference
  • if it's fun, people will join in
  • we can re-do and add more material, new games, better videos


  • it takes time to put something together - if you rush it, people won't be interested in something low quality
  • not everyone will understand the message - some will be confused - some will find it too technical or difficult - some will think just watching is doing enough
  • it may be too expensive for the average person
We also talked about whether using the internet to get our message across was the best thing we could do:


  • world wide audience - can impact lots of people
  • we can contact lots of people very quickly
  • we can share information very cheaply - no trees to cut down for paper/postage


  • they might not see it as a local issue - they might think it's too big for them
  • anyone can say anything on the internet - people might not believe we can do anything
  • people could hack into and hijack our stuff

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