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Investigating The Impact of Our Actions

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A Dystopian Future

Students were asked to imagine what the world might be like if people didn't take the message of recycling, reducing waste and conserving the environment seriously. Here is Jessica's bleak view  of the future if we don't take action:

Nowadays, we live in a desolate world. All countires and cities are experiencing a crisis of shortages of both water and energy. The city is dark and our lives are inconvenient to say the least. The streets are full of trash, flying all over as the wind blows it.

The cost of energy is incredibly expensive. Therefore, with fuel price rises there are fewer cars we can drive now. The streets are lined with rusting cars. People are losing hope and are too depressed now to want to know what they can recycle. So the problem is getting worse. You would have thought they would want to do what they can to make changes. But they don't.

The economic and business world suffers from effects of not saving energy in the past; so air travel and importing things by plane is almost non-existent. Getting hold of fresh water is  incredible important if we are to stay alive. Without a supply of clean water, the whole city is full of bacteria and the bad smell is like living back in the Middle Ages.

But it's still not too late. If we start to use what clean energy we have efficiently; reuse and recycle from the trash of the past, the world could get better again....

Now it's your turn.

Instead of thinking about how bad things could get. Imagine a world where people started caring more about their environment. Where people looked after parks. Where zoos made a difference to the survival of rare species which could then be released into the wild. Where people took responsibility for picking up litter and recycled, re-used and reduced waste wherever they could. Where people made an effort not to waste energy or water....

What would a typical be like for you? What would you have for breakfast? What sort of job would you do? How would you get to work? What would you do for entertainment after work?

Write about it - then, take action to make your future happen!

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